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sebelum raya tambah lagi proton exora…..pusa hati je…tak menyesal pun pakai proton walaupun mampu angkat kete 150k (bukan nak bangga diri la)…laki bini keje….

Visibility from the driver's seat and passenger seat was improved because of the lessen instrument panel structure with the entrance window and a big windshield. And switches are organized efficiently and at some time was the driving position might be fine-tuned adjustments.

Unlike previous generations of your Honda Vigor, which were merely upmarket versions from the Accord, the third-technology 'CB5' design was spun off as being a model in its very own suitable and was according to a distinct platform which highlighted a longitudinal motor layout in comparison with the transverse established-up in the Accord.

apsal mcm moody je bro…relaxla..besala issue ckit2..ko lenjan 160kph tu sblm 1st servis ke selepasnya..metropolis 2009 br nk suit dengan pemanduan ko..ape-ape pun banyak sabau…kalau pendapat ko, berpatutan tak kalau ambik new town ni setelah berbulan ko merasainya?

tapi, mekanik dia pun tak pasti n siap tegur aku lagi supaya jangan pandai2 examination sampai had tu. dia punye CRV pun katanya tak pernah drive sampai a hundred and sixty. aduiii, rigidity jugak aku ngan jawapan dia tu.dah tu, aku bel;i kete mahal2 xkan la stakat leh drive minyak sampai 155 jer…makan asap la aku ngan vios nnti.aku cuma nak tanya kalau ade saper2 yang dah pernah test bawak tahap a hundred and sixty ke atas,sama ada pernah lalui masalah sama atau tak. kotla ada antara bloger yang ade tukar sistem sunspension yang lebih baik dari yang asal…..

With gasoline costs rising, time to get a hybrid or diesel? Listed here’s a whole list of what’s accessible in Malaysia

As far for looks, the vehicle will not be a head turner much like the prior styles but the price all honda accord proprietors, fans and long run house owners useful content must pay for these autos Using these constrained specs Particularly the RM140K versions are extreme.

It was available within an computerized transmission only and was fitted Using the exact same motor since the LX. Acclaimed for its handling, the 1996 Accord continues to be regarded[by whom?] as probably the greatest dealing with Japanese midsized sedans of all time, putting up amazing lateral g figures my response of around .89 g's.[citation required]

sorry menyampuk kat sini…..tapi menyampah gak baca tread yg takde kena mengena dgn proton pun dok nak mengutuk…banyak duit beli je kete import …errr NHC import ka?….salam semua

Discussion board bincang mengenai masalah kereta, cara restore sendiri dengan harga murah dan panduan kepada pembeli dan pemandu.

ok je tahan lasak pulak tu.kalau repair tu rosak balik to kena tipu ngan org workshop..biasa nya org banyak duit mcm korang kalau bawak kete pg workshop mmg kena tipunye…ape2 hal kalau nak sewe kete proton n perodua jgn segan2 get in touch with aku 0199824822….adios…

The category-major 5AT features successful pace array with its large and shut gear ratio. Electricity start acceleration is briskly realized for an exhilarating push. With gas economy and quietness on high velocity in mind, the pleasure never stops.

Cuts down needless gear variations in cornering and supplies acceleration quickly following generating a change. Paddle Change**

The all-new Town driver’s check my blog seat provides Driving comfort and ease and driving ease that cuts down tiredness by way of a great equilibrium of comfort and ease and Keeping functionality.

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